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Most people today feel like they're in an uphill battle, fighting against overwhelm, and confusion.

Naturally, feeling confident in any area escapes you, as does your success.

In this state your attention is divided, focus fractured, and inner drive absent.

You have to organise your mind and your values hierarchy.

If you don't, there's 50 things to do and you're confused without clear priority, presence & fulfilment.

If our minds naturally tend toward disorder, we need productive self-organisation to counteract this.

Fact is: 1 in 3 women, or 1 in 5 men
experience a stress dis(order).

It is ALL about ordering ourselves, and building winning systems we can trust and find ease in.

That is where your core values come in.


Have aligned confidence and

make better decisions from your core.

Discover Your Core Vales with the 7 step system.

Have a stronger posture for great decision making, with greater clarity on purpose & direction, and do it with unshakeable confidence.

Connect to your authentic core values

Discover more about yourself

Clarify your self awareness

Align your value, drive & purpose.

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"Working with Dan has been hugely transformational. From understanding core values and how to build certain boundaries, to unpacking trauma at a physiological level. The difference this has made across all key relationships in my life has been huge. I am forever grateful to call him a friend and part of my team".


- Anthony. Father, Mortgage Broker, Business Owner


Step by Step Workbook


Receive the Discover Your Core Values Workbook.


This handmade workbook will assist you on the journey of finding out more about yourself, throughout this insightful and highly rewarding process.


The guess work is taken out for you, and the steps are systemised to find clarity efficiently.


7 Steps to Align yourself

Build Self Awareness

Unlock Inner Motivation & Drive

Clarify Your Life

Set Up Aligned Action

7 Step Guided System


You are supported with specific knowledge to accompany your workbook.


This content is designed as a self-paced, step by step experience, so that you can enjoy the discovery process without constraint.


It also has all the guess work removed to save time,

and get to the outcomes you want faster.


The system is also:


Clear & Well Structured

Providing Support + Accountability

Highly Practical

Time Efficient Education

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Use this clarification process

to find ease & confidence.

Connect to your authentic core values

Increase your self confidence

Discover more about yourself

Realise what is most important

Clarify your self awareness

Align your value, drive & purpose.

Improve problem solving & decision        making skills

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Discover Your Core Values

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Risk Free Offer for 7 Days
*If you don't receive the tools & value you need,
(as advertised), I will give you your money back.
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Program Guarantee!
(Value delivered or your money back)

What I have learnt, overcome and become

through this work is life changing. I've condensed

a decade of my education + healing into this

work on living through my core values, and living

life by design...


But I also want you to know that if this program isn't the clearest, most organised, and well rounded way to learn the core tools to discover your core values. And if after learning and applying what I teach you in this process, you feel that I haven't added value & impact to help you have better relationships, take control and communicateeffectively. Then I will happily give your money back within 7 days of starting the program.

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Frequently asked questions of the program & process.

Q- What are the benefits of taking this course? ✓ You’ll invite more respect into your life ✓ You’ll feel less overwhelmed ✓ You’ll minimise daily stress ✓ You’ll boost confidence & self esteem ✓ You’ll feel an increase in control of your life ✓ You’ll have more physical, mental and emotional energy ✓ You’ll speak up with more truth & conviction ✓ You’ll attract more supportive & valuable people ✓ You’ll communicate your values without guilt ✓ You’ll enjoy a more satisfying life ✓ You’ll develop more compassion for your own needs ✓ You’ll attract greater opportunities ✓ You’ll experience freedom to be yourself from your core ✓ You’ll increase earning capacity and terms which they’re set upon.

Q- What is online learning like? Can I learn at my pace? This program allows you to partake anywhere in the world at anytime, for how as little or as much time as you have to give. Your speed doesnt matter, forward is still forward.

Q- How much time commitment & workload is required? You are in full control of this process, you can give it as much or as little time as you prefer. I do suggest working through each step that I guide you through, and taking the time to apply it to your life for a direct learning experience.

Q- Why would I learn this through Dan? Unlike what you may see out there on Core Values work, this entire program was crafted using the wisdom of someone who is an example of what they teach you and take you through. It was crafted because I know the importance and power of this work, because I know first hand what it's like to live without it.

Q- Does online learning really work? Online learning can be highly effective if the course is structured well. When students are given practical assignments to apply and the tools to help them become what they seek to learn & embody, then I'd argue that (for a lot of people), it is the preferred way to learn given the ease of access and the clear structure. All of which is contained within this program.

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