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Be the confident man
that you know you can be.


The Prosperity Mastermind is a 12 Week Process to
breakthrough barriers, kill your passivity and form unshakable self-confidence.

This process forges a frame of strong leadership, through a deeper connection that you can lean on & trust to improve the quality of your relationships, your personal successes and your mission driven work in the world.

Get highly focussed, and clear on your direction and purpose.
Don't leave your success up to hope.


meet your next level...

e & 
Inner Freedom


Turn inefficient energy (stress, overwhelm, energy leaks) (5).png

Your personal freedom and breakthrough lies,

on the otherside of what you are avoiding.

Roadmap (3)_edited.png


As a mentor,


I work with you closely with where you’re at.

In order to find what you need so I can help you master

your emotions & energy, and feel confident so you prosper.


I specialise in addressing the deeper stuff that interupts,

and gets in the way of happiness and prosperity.

I also help you build specific skill & capacity beyond your

current edge, to raise your value and create freedom.

I have found great success for my clients,

particularly in the areas of:

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Business

  • Performance

  • Wealth

  • Happiness






Learn HOW this Mastermind Experience Can Transform Your Life & Impact

Turn inefficient energy (stress, overwhelm, energy leaks) (1000 × 800mm) (1000 × 650mm) (7

The Gentleman's Prosperity Mastermind takes you on an

expansive learning and personal growth journey.

12 dynamic weeks of training online, group mentoring

and deep growth experiences to level up.



      Maybe you've tried all kinds of things to fill the gaps, and make your impact.


  • The push and grind

  • The hustle for worthiness

  • Band-aiding the real problem

  • The 6 & 7 figure strategies

  • The shortcut 'hacks'

  • Material success

     You're putting it in, showing up and still are left to ask,
    "What's changing?, am I doing enough?"




Breathe, It's all part of the process, but you must realise... It's now about working smarter, not harder. It isn't just about having the hard skills of push, grind and strategy anymore; having an able physical body isn't the only tool you need to finish the marathon. It's equally your mental and emotional strength that gets you over the line. The 6-7 figure strategies mean nothing if you don't have the confidence, self worth or the emotional intelligence to implement. For me, I found myself failing to implement 95% of the time. Waisting more time, energy and money. That was more frustrating, un-motivating and defeating than it was worth. I'd just end up more in my head, beating myself up Here's what I realised...


You can be confident this is right for you if: 

You Want To:


✓  Spend less time in your head

  Have more peace of mind, and balance.

 Let go of stress, frustration & the inner blocks

✓  Channel your energy into higher purpose

✓  Trade in sabotage and procrastination

✓  Create greater opportunities and outcomes

✓  Raise your value and smart wealth capacity


And You believe


✓  You are not a victim

✓  Self awareness is deadly

✓  Discipline equals freedom

✓  Emotional intelligence is a super power

✓  Success & peace of mind can coexist


And Are Looking To:


✓  Refine your mindset and perspective

✓  Radically scale your self-esteem + confidence

✓  Lift your drive, vitality and vibration of energy

✓  Generate discipline for freedom

✓  Acquire skills that impact the quality of your life.

✓  Transition to higher value impact 

✓  Build more freedom & prosperity in life.



For NEW November Cohort Meet your next level


Turn inefficient energy (stress, overwhelm, energy leaks) (6).png




Turn inefficient energy (stress, overwhelm, energy leaks) (7).png




GeLearn HOW this Mastermind efficiently guides you to transformation.

This is who I am, what I value, and that is WHY I do what I do (2240 × 1360px) (2240 × 146




You engage in the reflective analysis of your natural inclinations, innate gifts, psychological frame and personal experiences to determine & organise your direction clearly. This clarifies your purpose, helping you find your life's task (or refine your existing vision) . Discovering your authentic core values, and understanding the limiting facets of your traits, tendencies and negative core belief structures. You best understand (through self awareness), and are able to overcome what is restricting your highest form, fullest presence and your prosperity in life. Undertaking this kind of personal study, combined with specific mindfulness, greatly enables you work with what is disorganising your consciousness and creating restriction. Your level of personal growth is in direct proportion to your success, you attract it by who you become.


INCLUDES: 1:1 Mentorship Call, Online Training & Group Workshop

DELIVERY: Flexible Delivery, Done at Your Pace

TERM DATES: Sunday, November 5th 2023 to Sunday December 10th 2023



With immersion and practice, you deepen your understanding and actively engage in the process of transformation. Delving into WHY you operate the way you do, and getting 'hands on' with WHY you are experiencing the results in all areas of life (health, wealth, relationships, business) that you are.


This 2 day event will radically shift this, and your entire state, to consciously upgrade your energy to the next level. Across 2 days you can expect to:

  • Receive Life Long Wisdom to Guide You

  • Deeply Understand How to Regulate Your Own Nervous System

  • Break Through Old Programs & Patterns

  • Release Trapped Emotion, Energy & Trauma

  • Deepen the Relationship & Connection to Your Body

  • Integrate Your Shadow

  • Foster Greater Connection with the Inner Child 


INCLUDES: 2 Day Growth Event

DELIVERY: In-person Faciliation 

EVENT DATES: TBA for January 27 + 28, 2024 or February 3rd & 4th, 2024 (Booking confirmed asap with event facility).



You have higher levels of clarity + focus, knowledge and experience to access the full picture and bend/ change the rules to achieve spectuacular results. Our breakthrough from the creative-active phase creates a phenomenal space for integration. For expanding our capacity to live exactly HOW we want to, being clear on that and bridging the gap with new skills, systems and self confidence that will set you apart.


This stage of the journey is equipped with the mentoring and education that you need to upgrade and expand multiple areas of your life. You’ll be held accountable through direct experience learning with life, and mentoring will assist this process.


Modules & Components Covered:


  • Mental Energy Management

  • Resolving Split Energy

  • Leveraging New Systems

  • Building Better Boundaries

  • Money Intelligence & Wealth

  • Effective Communication


INCLUDES: 6 X 90minute Mentoring Calls + Online Training

DELIVERY: Flexible Delivery + Mentoring Calls (Live + Recorded)

TERM 2 DATES: Sunday, January 14 - Sunday, March 3rd, 2024


optimal physical

nervous system


high value habits

emotional wellbeing




specific skills

personal skills

money intelligence 


core values

shadow work

core beliefs

prosperity mindset

inner peace


energy cultivation



efficient systems



For NEW November Cohort Meet your next level










The Mastermind Investment price is $3497 (early bird)

That price did not change.


Instead I added an additional $5800 of value (at no extra cost)

to make my product and experience unmatchable.

WHY? Because I am proud of my work, and I want more people to know about this.


And so I could fulfil my clients needs and deliver on my promises more efficiently, saving time.







$2800 Value




$3000 Value (and growing)









STILL $3797

Payment planavailable 



​Feedback on previous masterminds was great. I did reflect, and spent some time considering HOW I could go from 'great' to 'incredible'. This is how I did it: ✓Used technology to save people time. ✓Used technology to add value for longer (12 months). ✓Used the time saved, to then offer in-person experiences. ✓Did that without any charging extra for it. Here's what I realised: 1. People love to learn, and digest things at their own pace 2. In-person growth events are expansive opportunities to connect and grow 3. People appreciate when you over-deliver on value. Here's how I answered this call & levelled up further: ​


For NEW November Cohort Meet your next level


Turn inefficient energy (stress, overwhelm, energy leaks) (1000 × 800mm) (1000 × 650mm) (1


OPTION 1: Upfront Offer - $3797 (made by Nov 3rd) 

OPTION 2 : Payment Plan - Instalments weekly.


Deposit $1000 upfront, then $372 x 8

VIP UPGRADE All people, businesses and situations are different. I have a VIP option to upgrade your experience, where you'll get deeper guidance and support to integrate your work and process. I have just 5 places on offer for this. You'll get exclusive support- specific to your situation/ needs: + Help applying strategies + Additional healing support + Private 1:1 Exclusive Mentoring (X3 Consultations) Just 5 places remember, the VIP offer is $5200 (Includes Mastermind in total)


Know exactly WHAT you get.


Here is the breakdown of WHAT you get in your investment... > 1:1 Private Strategy & Mentorship Call with Dan > 90-Minute Group Calls (6 Total). All calls will be recorded and uploaded into your learning portal within 24 hours so if you miss a live call you will be able to keep up to date with everything. > Prosperity Mastermind Blueprint Package (pre-work + stage 1) > 1 X 3 Hour "Blueprint of Transformation” Workshop > The Prosperity Mastermind Curriculum Learning Portal (access for full year) > 4 Modules with Recorded Video Trainings & Curriculum Content. > Replay’s to LIVE Group mentoring calls (available in portal) > 4 X Prosperity Academy Training Courses (Lifetime Access) > Training Manuals, Journaling Prompts, Embodiment Practices & Knowledge Quiz’s > Guest Expert Workshop & Deep-dive Experiences. > 3 X In-person Facilitated Growth Experiences. > Access to Mastermind App for the Group throughout the entire program for support, accountability and community. > Small Group Accountability Breakout Sessions > First Access to (only 6 spots available) and discounted pricing to events and offers. With all that said, this framework and offer could easily be worth $20,000 - $30,000 After all you're getting: + Online Courses (Lifelong Access) + Training & Facilitation + Workshops & Masterclasses + Online Mentoring + Face to Face Mentoring And don't forget you also get: + Leading guest professionals in their fields.


Ready to Apply?

Here’s HOW



Fill in the form below (1 minute)



Before you apply, maybe you need to ask more questions?

I can help with this underneath...

Contact Me

Please feel welcome to ask questions,

request information or explore opportunities by filling out this form. Include a message of why you want to work with me, and what you want to get out of this investment.


Provide as much detail as required,

so that I can return to you with clarity.



+61 423 674 667

Thanks for submitting!


I have a neurologically charged questionnaire to help you with clarity.

It asks the right questions for you to get clear before I offer you a personal 1:1 call to ask questions & connect about this mastermind.


Click to Take the Questionnaire NOW


By applying using this tool, you get a 20 minute call.

To discuss HOW we can work together. I'll be in touch asap!


Established by the Prosperity Mastermind participants 2022/23














Frequently asked questions of the program & process.

Q- What if I can't attend a call? The program has grace... Online group mentoring will be recorded for you. And then uploaded to your online learning portal. So you are able to work through in your own time, (all of which will be available for 12 months of access). Reminder- being on call is important, but life does happen, I understand.

Q- What if I can’t attend physical events (in-person)? The program allows you to partake anywhere in the world. Many students have found great results from afar regardless. However, being able to attend the events offers greater value in your investment. I often have students organise themselves and fly in because they understand the value exchange. Also main components of these live events, (for those who find it impossible to make), will have the event streamed wherever possible.

Q- How much time commitment & workload is required? To get the most out of the program as a general rule of thumb allocating 2-4 hours across your week for specific mastermind work will deliver results. Keep in mind, we get out what we put in with anything in life. I have reduced a decade of broad experience and captured it into the most powerful work you can do on yourself, in this easy to digest and implement process.

Q- What are the other benefits of the mastermind? A mastermind program is a collaborative group where individuals come together to share knowledge, insights, and experiences to help each other achieve their personal and professional goals. Joining a mastermind program like this offers serveral benefits, such as: > Gaining diverse perspectives > Recieving feedback from like-minded individuals > Expanding your network > Learning new strategies & techniques > Staying accountable to your goals.

Q- How confidential is the mastermind? I have never, and would never place anyone into a container or cohort that would compromise the integrity and sacredness of this experience. That is why I have a seclection process that often starts well before an application. All participants are on the same journey, offering support and understanding. The mastermind is safe and secure. Real relationships are built through depth, and that is exactly what happens.

Q- Are there payment plans or guarantees before I invest? Yes, there are payment plans available, if you search just above, you can see the best plan for your situation and needs. I can help you navigate the best way to move forward. Please be aware there is no refund or money back option once the mastermind begins. Under extenuating circumstances (i.e emergency or unexpected medicical events), and on a case by case basis, options will be discussed if you need to exit the mastermind.

Roadmap (5)_edited.png
MORE ABOUT DAN (if you need it)

After more than 12 years in leadership, training & development.

18,000 bookings around the world, with painful lived experiences

that took me into 8 years of deep and intensive inner work.

I’ve experienced & seen a lot in the coaching/ mentoring space.

I know first hand how important this work is. And more importantly,

how much fluff is out there when it comes to this work.


It can leave you feeling more confused, misguided and wasting

a lot of time and money, with not much to show for it.


I have absolutely no problem calling this out.

I offer perspective on what has changed my life, and my clients, students, guests & participants. These areas we've found prosperity in: ​ Business It’s rarely a business problem that we’re struggling with. Typically it’s a personal problem that creates a business problem. And no matter how good the strategy (I’ve bought them all trying to get there)...They will only take you so far, until the personal problems are properly addressed. That’s why the best investment in our business can be personal transformation, energetic work and healing work. Relationships Attracting the right relationships, and having great connections begins with ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves sets the standard for all relationships in life. This is true of all interactions, exchanges, friendships etc; including our intimate ones. Quality relationships help you thrive. We can’t hide from them, as so much of our happiness and successes in life have to do with our relationships. So we must embrace the healing process, and become skilled as social beings. When we have informed self awareness, clear boundaries, effective communications and balance in relationships, we thrive to new heights, and experience freedom. Wealth Having money solves money problems. Money is used to transact energy, wealth isn't just money. No strategy will surmount emotional incapacity to earn, grow and invest effectively. There is an emotional intelligence (EQ) that comes with wealth generation. Happiness Peace and happiness can coexist when emotions are mastered, stress is managed with skill and you feel confident. Peace of mind is peace from mind. Happiness is our peace in motion, and peace is our happiness at rest. We can switch between the two whenever we please. To thrive in health, relationships, wealth and happiness we need: > A healthy, calm nervous system to support us. > A strong, robust & supple body. > Informed self awareness > Specific skills and knowledge for the challenges of life & our vision. > Time freedom to enjoy the things we want. > Better connections and networks to grow. > To shift from victim to optimist. > Feel aligned and on purpose.


For NEW November Cohort Meet your next level


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