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A Transformative 12 Week Journey to Breakthrough
    1-ON-1 Mentorship Specifically Designed with You.
For Your Inner Healing and B

If you're ready to breakthrough what's holding you back,
I am here to help you prosper.

If you have been feeling disconnected from yourself,

but know the impact you could have.

If you often procrastinate, sabotage and overthink.

Frequently left feeling stuck, overwhelmed or a little lost, without clarity.


This 1-on-1 intimate mentorship is an opportunity to heal what's holding you back, so you move forward powerfully, ready to land your next level.

It’s a private partnership where you can feel safe, seen and heard.


And one that guarantees the likelihood of long term change without the guesswork. Taking out the concern of not getting what YOU need.

Roadmap (3)_edited.png
Roadmap (4).png


As a mentor,


I work with you closely with where you’re at.

In order to find what you need so I can help you master

your emotions, overcome stress and feel confident

so you prosper.


I specialise in addressing the deeper stuff that interupts,

and gets in the way of happiness and prosperity.

I also help you build specific skill & capacity beyond your

current edge, to raise your value and create freedom.

I have found great success for my clients,

particularly in the areas of:

  • Relationships

  • Health

  • Business

  • Performance

  • Wealth

  • Happiness




I help you address the deeper beliefs, programs, wounds and energetic patterning that is often unconscious.


I take a multi-dimensional approach with my clients, including intuitive pathways and never a cookie cutter solution.


Because all individuals are unique within themselves, their situations in life, including past experiences and where they want to go.

And because the mind, emotions, energy and the body are an interconnected complex system. We work together at a deep & holistic level, to organise your consciousness and build winning systems for life.


Over 12 weeks I will guide you on: ​ > Clarifying Your Purpose, Vision and Goals > Building High Level Self Awareness > Connecting YOUR Core Values > Optimising Health for Vitality > Getting Clear on Yourself > Overhauling Limiting Beliefs > Taking Aligned Action Every Week > Learning HOW to Overcome Stress > Developing High Value Personal Skills > Building Greater Systems for Prosperity > Managing Your Energy for Focus & Efficiency > Building Your Confidence to Own Your Vision > Attracting Quality Relationships & Connections > Setting Better Boundaries & Communicating Effectively > Healing the Past, Letting Go of Suppressed Emotions & Trauma

Weekly Live Calls with Dan Ballard

We will meet for a video consultation EVERY WEEK to

explore different themes, projects and deliverables.


If you are based on the East Coast of Australia (or would like to fly in),

in-person meets can be arranged  *additional cost.





The 12 Calls Include:

✓  4 X 90 minute Live Mentoring Sessions

✓  2 X 90 minute Live Mastermind Sessions

✓  6 X 2 hours Live Guided Healing Sessions



Weekly Support Between Sessions:


You’ll get direct access to me through private messaging so you can share voice updates, questions and receive mentoring as things come up.


  You’ll get exclusive 12 months access to my

  Prosperity Mastermind Learning Portal


  Currently valued at $3,000 (and building)

    FULL of High Value:

 Video Training & Education

✓  Detailed Mental Models

✓  Embodiment Practices

✓  Guided & Self Paced Tools

✓  Short Courses in Skill Aquisition

✓  Transformational Practices

✓  Development Manuals

✓  Self + Business Systems

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After more than 12 years in leadership, training & development.

18,000 bookings around the world, with painful lived experiences

that took me into 8 years of deep and intensive inner work.

I’ve experienced & seen a lot in the coaching/ mentoring space.

I know first hand how important this work is. And more importantly,

how much fluff is out there when it comes to this work.


It can leave you feeling more confused, misguided and wasting

a lot of time and money, with not much to show for it.


I have absolutely no problem calling this out.

I offer perspective on what has changed my life, and my clients, students, guests & participants. These areas we've found prosperity in: ​ Business It’s rarely a business problem that we’re struggling with. Typically it’s a personal problem that creates a business problem. And no matter how good the strategy (I’ve bought them all trying to get there)...They will only take you so far, until the personal problems are properly addressed. That’s why the best investment in our business can be personal transformation, energetic work and healing work. Relationships Attracting the right relationships, and having great connections begins with ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves sets the standard for all relationships in life. This is true of all interactions, exchanges, friendships etc; including our intimate ones. Quality relationships help you thrive. We can’t hide from them, as so much of our happiness and successes in life have to do with our relationships. So we must embrace the healing process, and become skilled as social beings. When we have informed self awareness, clear boundaries, effective communications and balance in relationships, we thrive to new heights, and experience freedom. Wealth Having money solves money problems. Money is used to transact energy, wealth isn't just money. No strategy will surmount emotional incapacity to earn, grow and invest effectively. There is an emotional intelligence (EQ) that comes with wealth generation. Happiness Peace and happiness can coexist when emotions are mastered, stress is managed with skill and you feel confident. Peace of mind is peace from mind. Happiness is our peace in motion, and peace is our happiness at rest. We can switch between the two whenever we please. To thrive in health, relationships, wealth and happiness we need: > A healthy, calm nervous system to support us. > A strong, robust & supple body. > Informed self awareness > Specific skills and knowledge for the challenges of life & our vision. > Time freedom to enjoy the things we want. > Better connections and networks to grow. > To shift from victim to optimist. > Feel aligned and on purpose.

Nick Read
Award Winning Entertainer
R3AG0151 2_edited_edited.jpg
Jarred Brown
Elite Athlete Mindset Coach 

As a 23 year old that was running a successful gym but felt a deeper calling Dan was the perfect first mentor to lean on. I resonated so much with dan, his charisma, values & perspectives of the world that I knew from the moment go I was in good hands. The work & growth cannot be articulated only experienced but I will say this. As you allow dan to do his life’s work you will notice incredible shifts in your life for the best. Dans westernised approach with a beautiful blend of eastern wisdom offers a well balanced & holistic service that helps the individual ultimately step into their best self.

Jake Abboud
Tara Senam
CEO & Entreprenuer

I am more emotionally intelligent and can honestly say that I truly feel inner happiness for the first time. After my marriage seperation, I was suffering with some deep pain. I recched out to Dan and asked about the besiblitv of true inne happiness. That was the best thing I have ever done for myself. From the moment we connected he helped me open my heart and mind and I learnt it was possible to love myself first. He helped me addres my limited thoughts and beleifs of myself and some childhood traumas that I was unaware I was holding onto. I owe so much to Dan as after 30 years of being alive. I am finally "livin' my life.


I only offer this to (2) people at a time, at this level.

It is a journey for people who are committed

to making real, lasting change.


Primarily this means YOU being invested in showing up for yourself

and being coachable, receptive to guidance and feedback, honest

about where you’re at and where you most deeply want to go.


I can guide you, inspire you, draw clarity out, provide you with effective tools

and bring through supportive intuitive perspectives, but ultimately YOU are responsible for what you take in and apply in your day-to-day life.


It is up to you to do the ground-level work to generate

lasting change to reach your goals.


The financial investment for this mentorship:

$3,500 per month (for 12 weeks)


If you aren’t able to budget for this (installment plans available),

please save your application for a time when it is realistic for you.





Ready to Apply?

Here’s HOW



Fill in the form below (1 minute)



Before you apply, maybe you need to ask more questions?

I can help with this underneath...


Contact Me

Please feel welcome to ask questions,

request information or explore opportunities by filling out this form. Include a message of why you want to work with me, and what you want to get out of this investment.


Provide as much detail as required,

so that I can return to you with clarity.



+61 423 674 667

Thanks for submitting!


I have a neurologically charged questionnaire to help you with clarity.

It asks the right questions for you to get clear before I offer you a personal 1:1 call to ask questions & connect about this mentorship.


Click to Take the Questionnaire NOW


By applying using this tool, you get a 30 minute call.

To discuss HOW we can work together. I'll be in touch asap!

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