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cultures of connection, self-reliance & high spirit - through self leadership development dynamics.

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my mission

Is to create cultures of connection, self-reliance & high spirit.

Delivered through practical, challenging and innovative methods.


my vision

Is to empower individuals by giving them practical tools, experiences and resources, with an element of challenge-

so they can get uncomfortable and grow together.


my impact

Up-levels their energy and skill level- providing informed self knowledge, to increase resilience, connection and self reliance. Becoming better equipped to respond to the demands of life and experience greater happiness at work, in relationships & life.


dan delivers

A dynamic and holistic approach, offering be spoke facilitation

& learning experiences through the lens of self leadership. The aim is to meet the diverse needs and preferences of small to large communities, and the goals we aim for.

my methods?


what is self leadership?

Self leadership describes how you lead your own life – setting your course, following it, and being able to adapt with skill- correcting as you go.


Life, work, relationship, health and business are often intertwined, so it also reflects how you work with clients, sales prospects, colleagues, and the leadership in your organisation.


securing self-reliance

At the epicentre of self leadership, is self-reliance. Reliance on one's own powers and resources rather than those of others. People think, feel and move differently with their own willpower, happiness and skill secured,

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my delivery:

my delivery

I help people master their emotions, overcome stress and feel confident so they perform at their best. Whilst influencing and creating an environment built on values, morals and connection that drives:


  • Self Satisfaction

  • Personal Growth

  • Skill Development

  • Better Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Positive Environments


I deliver structured facilitation, frameworks, training and development experiences. I achieve this by creating the necessary environment and means for change. Every learning experience is centred around practical application and is made enjoyable for all involved.


I have had the privilege of speaking and facilitating all around the globe for a variety of needs and purposes.


For businesses, group projects, organisations and companies- small, medium and large.


Bespoke delivery is available to better equip the target of your investment with the relative skills, connection, capacity

and confidence.

I deliver a deeply dynamic, and integrative facilitation with an imperative focus on:

  • Education

  • Self Awareness

  • Leadership

  • Practical Application

  • Connection & Play



the structure


I have shared this experience globally with: > Professional athletes & organisations > Small & medium business’ > Schools > Yoga students Trainers, coaches and mentors > Men’s groups I can solely provide structure- but have also worked closely, to deeply understand and identify the needs of communities. The organisation/ project targets and needs. And deliver the missing links to excel. In turn, innovative methods for the goal or intention are discovered and made possible through pre-consultation and analysis. Consultation is avalible to develop be spoke tailored delivery for your business, organisation, project or venture.

cultures of connection, self-reliance & high spirit-through self leadership development dynamics.

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