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Learn the tools to stop saying 'YES',

when you really mean 'NO'. And

do it kindly & unapologetically.

Have better 
take control &
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Learn the tools to stop saying 'Yes', when you really mean 'No'.
(Without feeling guilty or obligated)
We don't set boundaries to offend anyone.
We set them as essential self care, and self worth guidelines.
This can be done kindly, without feeling guilty.

Together We,

Build Better Boundaries:

Set Clear Standards

 Raise Your Self Worth

Communicate Confidently

Free Up Time, Energy & Money

Without Feeling Guilty, and Obligated.

Have better relationships, take back control and communicate effectively. By setting clear boundaries, without feeling overwhelmed by it.


Because clear is kind, and unclear is unkind. 

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Join Better Boundaries

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Risk Free Offer for 14 Days
*If you don't receive the tools & value you need,
(as advertised), I will give you your money back.
Up-level Your Self Respect,
Ignite Deeper Self Worth

✓ Become empowered with specific knowledge.

✓ Become a more confident communicator.

✓ Release stress, and mentally declutter.

✓ Develop new personal skills

✓ Level up your self worth



This course will radically up-level your self respect and ignite deeper self worth, whilst being kind and more understanding towards others.


Our compassion for others will always be incomplete, if it does not include ourselves first.

Pour from a full cup.


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Interactive, Practical & Simplified Course Delivery.

✓ Save time with the essential practical​ core wisdom.

✓ Delivered in video, workbooks, written text & quiz

✓ Learn at your pace, & implement to your life

✓ Simplified learning using clear processes & mental models

✓ An easy & enjoyable to learn and grow.

Joining Better Boundaries is ALSO Risk Free...

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Program Guarantee!
(Value delivered or your money back)

What I have learnt, overcome and become

through this work is life changing. I've condensed

a decade of my education + healing into this

work on building better boundaries. But I also

want you to know that if this program isn't the

clearest, most organised, and well rounded way

to learn the core tools to build better boundaries.

And if after learning and applying what I teach

you in this process, you feel that I haven't added

value & impact to help you have better

relationships, take control and communicate

effectively. Then I will happily give your money

back within 14 days of starting the program.

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Frequently asked questions of the program & process.

Q- What are the benefits of taking this course? ✓ You’ll give yourself space to protect your energy ✓ You’ll feel less overwhelmed ✓ You’ll minimise daily stress ✓ You’ll boost confidence & self esteem ✓ You’ll feel an increase in control of your life ✓ You’ll have more physical, mental and emotional energy ✓ You’ll speak up with more truth & conviction ✓ Your relationships will hold more meaning You’ll attract more supportive people ✓ You’ll communicate self worth without guilt ✓ You’ll enjoy a more satisfying life ✓ You’ll develop more compassion for your own needs ✓ You’ll attract greater opportunities ✓ You’ll experience freedom to be yourself ✓ You’ll increase earning capacity and terms which they’re set upon.

Q- What is online learning like? Can I learn at my pace? This program allows you to partake anywhere in the world at anytime, for how as little or as much time as you have to give. Your speed doesnt matter, forward is still forward.

Q- How much time commitment & workload is required? You are in full control of this process, you can give it as much or as little time as you prefer. I do suggest working through each step that I guide you through, and taking the time to apply it to your life for a direct learning experience.

Q- Why would I learn this through Dan? Unlike what you may see out there on Boundary work, this entire program was crafted using the wisdom of someone who is an example of what they teach you and take you through. It was crafted because I know the importance and power of this work, because I know first hand what it's like to live without it.

Q- Does online learning really work? Online learning can be highly effective if the course is structured well. When students are given practical assignments to apply and the tools to help them become what they seek to learn & embody, then I'd argue that (for a lot of people), it is the preferred way to learn given the ease of access and the clear structure. All of which is contained within this program.

Remember This:

At the end of the day I want people to know that we don’t set boundaries to offend anyone. We do so to manage our needs and priorities that we have for our lives. And this can be done kindly and unapologetically without feeling guilty, stressed or obligated. If you are kind and clear in your communication, then you have done nothing wrong. It is guilt and stress free for all involved, respect and love is not lost, but found.

So if you are ready to get the missing links to help you feel confident and raise your standards, then I suggest taking advantage of my course that clearly teaches you how to do this in one place.

X This Course Is Not For:

People who use boundaries as means to justify their hurtful and disconnecting behaviour.

That is NOT what this course is about.


If you’re after building a brick wall, not giving a F**k and disconnecting without discernment.

This course is NOT for you.


✓ This Course IS For: 

Learning how to level up your standards skillfully, and be kind + inspiring in the process.

Because Better Boundaries serve 2 Purposes:

  1. They set the basic guidelines of how you want to be treated.

  2. They help us manage our lives and priorities in a healthy, happy and successful manner.


Thats it!...

You don’t have to feel guilty, pretend you don't give a F**k (but you do), and waste more time, energy or money.


Put yourself first, enrol and get started.


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