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The Organised Mind

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The organised mind is thinking straight,

when everyone else is drowning in information, stress & overwhelm.

It's the mind you want on your side when:
  • The average Australian spends 17 years of their life on their phone.

  • There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day.

  • 90% of the data in the world was generated in the last 2 years.

  • There has been more information generated in the last few years alone, than in all of human history before it.

  • Collectively there is more fear being exposed and driven into us.

  • 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 5 men in Australia experience an anxiety disorder.

Our brains have not changed for this, so what are we doing for that?

“Make no mistake: Email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter checking constitute a neural addiction” - Daniel J. Levitin

The organised mind is the key to your highest expression

and a healthy, fulfilling, prosperous life.

The Basics of Organising Your Mind

(Like a professional who has intentionally optimised their life and prospered).

3 Things You Need for Focus & Freedom:

1. Goal (Direction) - Clear vision/ desired outcome

2. Plan (Clarity) - Smaller goals/ daily process

3. Simplified Action (Easy Wins) - Low friction action to take, over & over.

Step 1 - Clear vision (as best you can), and take aim.

  • Life forms around your aim, and the mind naturally tends toward disorder.

  • So we need an aim first, to create an ordering of consciousness.

  • That aim can be adjusted along the way (as it should) evolution is natural, and no plan survives contact with reality.

  • Bring to life a goal, or desired outcome that aligns to your values.

  • Don't miss the values part (it's a hard lesson to learn) you want long term meaningful + inner drive and fulfilment.

Imagine driving a Ferrari to a job you hate, that takes all your time and energy away from what you really find meaningful.

Is that the success you want?

Step 2 - Create a Plan (clarity), and commit daily

  • Take your goal, vision or desired outcome and break it down into small daily steps you can take action on.

  • Let these small votes of action compound daily, and tally up at year end.

  • You realise we only set goals for direction, the process delivers the outcomes we want, and doesn't restrict our happiness.

  • People who pursue their curiosity + purpose over-time dominate.

  • There is no higher feat of success, then waking up and being able to intentionally plan and commit creatively to your life and what you find value & meaning in.

All problems are systematic, and can be solved by courageously pin pointing the problem and finding a way through.

Committing to a learning & growth process reduces the anxiety of the big picture.

Step 3 - Easy to Win Action, (simple) let it compound.

  • Make it low friction, with no distraction.

  • We are highly influenced by momentum.

  • We over estimate what's possible in a day, but underestimate the possibilities over 1, 5 & 10 years because of our short sighted thinking.

  • Success/ mastery is often 10 years in the same direction (10,000hrs) - play the long game, one day at a time. Win & be happy everyday.

  • Goal first focus + mentality can feel confronting and breeds anxiety. Take the smallest win of action thats right in front of you, and repeat.

When you have a desired outcome and know how to get there, with simple execution. It will put you into a state of flow, free of distraction/ procrastination.

The feedback centres of your brain will be positively reinforced around this action taking that is compounding toward your outcomes.

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