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Reveal your vision and purpose
to set clear goals, routines & priorities.
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Dear fellow change maker (people who do it).
Here's how we do this (under 1 minute),

A very important question to lead with. Because the type of person who finds themselves with my P
rosperity Vision Planner, is the individual who values being able to turn vision to reality.

Not everyone does, why?

My experience (personally & profesionally):
x lack of self awareness
undisciplined focus
x mentally masturbating over self help
 pushing against a mis-aligned vision/ purpose
x low self worth & confidence
x looking for instant gratification
x fear of failure
x imposter syndrome
x self sabotage
waiting for perfect


We have to stop, and cut the shit at some point.
Because getting our shit together requires a level of honesty most people aren't willing to go into.
That's why I asked you who you are.

Now, I'm NOT asking you to change your thoughts, patterns, 
traits or beliefs.

I am asking you to make a decision.

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.
Most people (unlike you) can't accept that fact.


✓ The average Australian spends 17 years on their phone.
 1 in 5 Australian men, and 1 in 3 men are experiencing an anxiety disorder.

We are in the age of information and overwhelm.
It's never been easier to stay stuck in consumption mode, in default mode and being a victim of life itself.

Hear me VERY clearly (30 more seconds),

There may not be a meaning for life, but life is an opportunity to create one.
So who are you?

People like us understand this about our lives, business, relationships and wealth;

Life forms around our aim.
 Without that, we feel lost & wayward.
✓ Vision creates direction, the process produces clarity.
 Clarity is what we look for in growth.
When we are clear, transformation happens naturally.

Life is lived by design, not default.


A structured system to clarify your vision and purpose step by step.


✓ Assess your life holistically

✓ Design your vision

✓ Create your wealth map

✓ Clarify your vision

✓ Blueprint your goals, priorities & routines

 Reverse engineer the process to clarify fast.

 Be accountable with the 30 day challenge.

Important: I am not telling you to change, (do whatever you want)...

I am asking you to make a decision, and that is where my Prosperity Vision Planner takes over. If you aren't cut out for the process, or it doesn't deliver for whatever reason (after you have completed it), I'll give you ALL of your investment back. (within 7 days)

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