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Where Do I Start?

Gain clarity + skills for personal freedom, confident self-leadership and prosperity.

Healing, Clarity & Confidence - FREE

HOW to find clarity without overwhelm and power up your life - even if you don't know where to start. 

Gain full-picture clarity required to master your emotions, overcome stress and feel confident to move forward powerfully in your life, to prosper.

  • Clear Journal Prompts 

  • Proven Guidance 

  • Guided Self-assessment (score)

  • Visualisation Journey (transform)

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7 Steps to Your Core Values - Paid

HOW to feel & connect to your authentic core values, to discover more about yourself,

your value, drive and purpose in life.

This process will raise your value higher, by boosting your self awareness, intrinsic motivation and confidence. (the ingredients of personal freedom and prosperity). Not living true to your own values, or trying to be someone else can be exhausting and leave us feeling missing or empty inside.

  • HOW to Identify Your Core Values

  • 9 Training & Development Videos

  • 7 Steps to Discover & Clarify

  • Proven Guidance 

  • Core Values Workbook

Bulletproof Mindset Challenge - FREE

5 Daily pillars to level up your mind-state. Includes a challenge to transform & optimise yourself.

Get your mind on your side to dominate. A system to bulletproof the most vital hours of your day, to own each day. Get optimised and own your life.

  • Mindset Training

  • The Bulletproof Planner

  • High Value Practices

  • 30 Day Challenge

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Building Better Boundaries - Paid

Have better relationships, more freedom and communicate effectively- without feeling guilty. Refine & build your skills and confidence.

This program will help free up your time, energy & money for the priorities you have, and things you need to get done- without feeling guilty. You will learn emotional intelligence and effective communication to set you apart and raise your standard (whilst still being kind).

  • Identifying Weak Boundaries

  • 5 Types of Boundaries You Need

  • Mental Decluttering 

  • Effective Communication

  • Healing The Ego

  • Relationships & Boundaries


Explore Your Potential

Interactive & practical dives for personal growth, high performance, business and life by design.

Who Is Dan Ballard?

High Performance Mentor, Writer & Speaker (12yrs Professional Experience)

Hey, I’m Dan


I'm an Australian man who makes levelling up, and having prosperity in life- simple.


Using a more precise, personal and time efficient approach; without confusion.


The outcome,

You are strong, clear and less stressed.

You are better equipped, & more skilled.

And you are confident in your own leadership.


The inner freedom, skill and resourcefulness that is established, creates the external impact.

What I deliver through direct learning, helps you raise your value, connection and service. This impacts the quality of your: • Health + Vitality • Relationships • Performance • Wealth • Service • Business HOW? I transform important, and complex understandings into easy to digest resources, education and experiences to help you grow. Leveraging applied wisdom, specific knowledge and a decade of trainer/ practitioner/ educator experience conducting 18,000 + bookings around the globe. EXPERIENCE: I have guided, trained and supported students, clients, guests, peers and participants in overcoming the physical, mental and emotional barriers that prevented the fulfillment of their needs, goals and desires. WHO? People often come to when they want to go from being unclear, stressed, and emotionally limited-(without the inner confidence they need.) We find the missing links to excel, & build your capacity and specific skill. So you can have personal freedom, higher value and prosperity in your life. I have a channeling ability to enrich the lives of those around me, and that has grown from turning my deepest pain, struggles and challenges into meaning and purpose. I’ve been dealt some hard hands that have ultimately led me toward becoming the person I am today. It’s a highly rewarding process to creatively pour who I am, into what I do for 12 years now.

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